Richmond United Soccer Club



Goals and Philosophy


  • Our recreational program will continue to provide soccer for every player who wishes to play within our community.

  • For each age group the competitive program will have teams represented at all tiers of competitive soccer and will also offer quality programming for those desiring a lower level of commitment.

  • Our elite players will be regularly securing scholarships to university and college programs and competing for places on BCSPL, Provincial and National teams.

  • Through prudent financial management, sponsorship and fundraising initiatives, the Richmond United Soccer Club will continue to secure the use of year- round training facilities within the community in collaboration with the City of Richmond and/or the Richmond School Board.

  • Maintain a strong relationship with the City of Richmond to ensure continued access to the premiere facilities available in the city where we are based.

  • Our top-level coaches will share their coaching expertise with less experienced coaches and older players creating a cycle of knowledge that will sustain Richmond United Soccer Club into the future.

  • New additions to our staff of professional coaches will be recruited primarily from players graduating from our program.

  • Players of all abilities will return year after year because at Richmond United Soccer Club they learn skills and improve their game while having a great time. 

  • We will provide an environment committed to inclusiveness and welcoming to players of all abilities and identities.


Long Term Player Development is the primary objective of the Richmond United Soccer Club. This development breaks down into four components: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological. 

As the age level increases, different components are stressed.

  • Technical growth: The individual ability to handle the ball consists of: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading, and goalkeeping. A solid Technical foundation increases the players’ ability to understand the Tactical aspects of the game.

  • Tactical awareness: A player must understand when to apply the appropriate technique based on the demands placed upon them by their opponents. Tactical awareness is a player's understanding of a system of play or strategy. As a player progresses through age groups, Tactical play becomes a major component of our teaching.

  • Physical ability: Soccer is a demanding physical sport, and each player will need to obtain a certain level of fitness. A majority of this fitness training takes place in the actual training exercises. Physical fitness determines a lot in the game of soccer. When players become physically tired, they become mentally tired. When they become mentally tired they can no longer perform the technical skills needed. When players lose their technical ability, their tactics disappear.

  • Psychological understanding: How a player reacts to certain situations can either help or hurt the overall team effort. Our goal is to focus on the present. Soccer is a game of mistakes. This is how we learn. We will work to focus all of our players energies in a positive manner, and on things they can control.



We believe in the right of all individuals to pursue their personal levels of excellence. The Richmond United Soccer Club will strive at all times to sustain club excellence.


We believe in soccer being fun.


We believe in fairness on and off the field of play, as characterized by equality, integrity and trust.


We believe in free and open communication and respect for the views, role and contribution of all.


We believe that those who coach and lead soccer teams and activities at the Richmond United Soccer Club have a responsibility to teach and apply the values of the club. We also believe that youth participation in sport builds leaders. 

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

To create a fun and safe learning environment where players, coaches and parents can play and mature through the game of soccer.

The Richmond United Soccer Club is dedicated to helping all our soccer players realize their sporting potential. All coaching is crafted to our players' specific levels of commitment and stages of development. It is our steadfast belief that young players who are encouraged to express their own natural ability, who are comfortable trying new things and who are not afraid to make mistakes will better reach their potential and develop a life-long love of the game.

Lessons learned on the soccer pitch and training ground create good habits and life skills that will equip our young athletes for future success in any field. 

Our Vision

The Richmond United Soccer Club will become a “league leader” in the soccer community, with a growing reputation for excellent coach and player development and effective club administration.

Soccer will be coached, played and supported in accordance with the spirit of the game, represented by fair play and sportsmanship. 

Our Values

The Richmond United Soccer Club Values have been established to remind players, parents, coaches and staff that the life skills and experience obtained through participation in skill development, competition and teamwork are far more valuable than just winning on the field of play

Board of Directors


The operations of the Richmond United Soccer Club are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors that are elected by our membership.

The Board strives to uphold the Clubs' constitution while ensuring that all of the programs operate in a manner that adheres to our stated goal of providing all participants in our programs with a rewarding, enjoyable soccer playing experience.

As of June 2019, the Board of Directors is comprised of the following ten individuals:

Executive Officers

  • Marty Mueller      ( President)          expires in 2020
  • Richard Wang      ( Vice President) expires in 2020
  • Matt Langelaan    (Treasurer)         expires in 2020
  • Julian Forman      (Secretary)          expires in 2020
Members at Large
  • Nonie Nashlund - term expires in 2021
  • Sean Lawson -     term expires in 2021
  • Cory Cavazzi-      term expires in 2021
  • Kelly Duran-         term expires in 2021
  • Mike Harrower  -  term expires in 2021
  • Gita Manhas-       term expires in 2020

RUSC Constitution

Please click on the link below to view our constitution, bylaw and certificate of name change. 

Note: changes to the Constitution that were approved at the June 22, 2020 Extraordinary General Meeting are not yet reflected in this document.


Club Pathway


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