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U9-U12 Retreat Line

retreat line

Retreat line U9 – U12 Mini Soccer


The retreat line initiative is designed to encourage and foster improvements in the following areas of mini soccer:


  • Elimination of deliberate high press defensive tactics

  • Constructive and technical build-up starting in the defensive third of the field

  • Building confidence in our young players by allowing them more time and space when receiving a goal kick

  • Goalkeepers taking the goal kicks. Note – Any player is allowed to take a goal kick however we want to encourage our goalkeepers to take as many as possible. 

This initiative is for GOAL KICKS ONLY.

U10  Development, U11 and U12 the retreat line/offside line is the line marking the attacking 1/3.

U10 House (non-development) the retreat line/offside line is the halfway line.

Below is information pertaining to the implementation of the retreat line into the U10 – U12 mini soccer game format.

Retreat Line Procedure:

The Retreat line comes into play when the ball has gone out of play for a goal kick. All opposing players will retreat back behind the offside line/retreat line on the field. The opposing players may not pressure the ball until:

1. The player taking the goal kick has successfully put the ball into play and it is touched by their teammate (on their side of the offside line/retreat line ).


2. The ball is played beyond the offside line/retreat line into the middle third of the field.


3. The ball leaves the field of play.

If a team decides to take the goal kick quickly, they are allowed to and the ball will be in play once it leaves the penalty area. The opposition’s position on the field will not come into effect.

Encroachment of retreat line:

If the defending team encroaches across the retreat line before the ball is touched by an opposition player then the referee blows the play stopped and issues a re-take of the goal kick.

Making the Right Decision:

At times, the correct pass is a long one, players need to recognize the positions of the opposing team and act accordingly. If there is an opportunity to play quickly to create a counter-attack, it should be encouraged.