Richmond United Soccer Club


U9/U10 Referee Rules

Referee Rules for U9 and U10

    • Free kicks are all indirect - there are no penalty kicks. 

    • Players must retreat 6 m from the ball on all free kicks.

    • Goal kicks are taken from anywhere in the penalty area.

    • Foul throws are to be retaken.

    • Offside and pass back to the goalie rules do not apply.

    • Substitution is unlimited but you must get the referee's permission before making subs (no subbing on-the-fly).

    • Note: FIFA has amended the laws so that goalies are no longer limited to 4 steps while holding the ball--they can run out to the edge of the penalty area but must release the ball within 6 seconds. For Mini soccer, there is no 6-second time limit.

    • Spectators are reminded not to stand near (or behind) the goal area.

    • If the referee does not show up, each team should share the duty or assign 1 person to do it and the coach should notify the scheduler.

    Below is the message that coaches and parents receive (should you encounter any issues): 

    This is the first year for most of the referees that you will have at your games. We will not tolerate ANY ABUSE of our refs. Parents don’t question calls, nor do coaches. We want to encourage these young refs to continue and the only way that will happen is with positive reinforcement.  They are learning their craft and will make mistakes and that is OK!