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Thanksgiving Tournament


Registration is currently closed for the Thanksgiving Tournament.

Please check back closer to the event date for more details.

Information for Teams

Details for the 2020 Event are not yet available and will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed. 

Below are the details from the 2019 event for reference.

2019 U13-U18 Tournament and U10-U12 Festival Information

Thank you for participating in the 2019 Richmond Thanksgiving Tournament. This year’s tournament is hosted by “Richmond Soccer" (Richmond United Soccer Club & Richmond FC) and we are looking forward to hosting 92 boys and girls U10-U18 teams from across BC.

Games and General Information

1. There is no pre-game check-in. Please have your ID cards or registrar letter and team lists ready for each game.(this is for u13 u18 only) Pick-ups must be from the same level or lower.  Metro teams are encouraged to register as they will not have league games this year. Please keep in mind that roster sizes will follow BC Soccer Guidelines.

2. Washrooms will be available at, or near all fields – either at nearby community centres or porta-potties.

3. Please read the rules ahead of time (below). Game lengths are:
  • U10-U12 25 minute halves (ref)
  • U13-U15 30 minute halves (ref)
  • U16-U18 35 minute halves (ref and 2 AR's)

4. No games have overtime. FIFA penalty shots for finals only.

5. Scores are to be reported by winning team only (in the event of a tie, both teams report) as follow:
                  GIRLS text to 604-230-4902

**You may also report scores in person to your Tournament Hub
**Scores must be reported with 30 minutes of finishing game

6. Results to date will be posted at on Saturday evening.

7. ***WARMING-UP ON BOYD ARTIFICIAL TURF (AT)***: warming up between the turf fields on Boyd AT is not permitted (except those with the first time slot of the day). Teams seen to be warming up on the turf will be asked to leave. There is not enough space and it is distracting and inconsiderate to the teams playing their games.

8. ***VIEWING AT All TURF FIELDS***: Only players, team coaches, tournament officials and referees are permitted on the turf (AT) fields. Spectators are to watch games from bleachers or outside fence. Spectators on the turf fields will be asked to move off.

9. ***ONLY WATER IS PERMITTED ON TURF FIELDS***: please do not bring coffee, tea, juice, etc... or food snacks on to the turf field.

10. Medals will be presented at the Boyd hub for Girls. Presentations will take place after the last game in each division is played. Medal presentations will take  place beside Boyd Oval.

Problems and Issues:

1. We need to keep games to schedule. Please be ready to play at assigned time.

2. If no referee is present, report this as below so that we can try to remedy the absence, but you must start the game yourselves
within 10 minutes of the assigned time. Each team will referee one half, unless both agree on one person refereeing the
whole game.

3. The tournament rules answer many questions. If you still have questions please come to the Hub or call the tournament directors as follows:

Girls Tournament Director/Scheduling: Kim Seaborn 604-230-4902

Referee Scheduler: 

Discipline (via Tournament Directors): 

Tournament Rules


1.  FIFA rules apply, except as modified by tournament rules.


3.  Team lists (2 copies) must be provided at each game. ID cards required.

4.  A player may only play for one team in the tournament.

5.  All players must play at least half of every game.

6.  Home teams wear alternates if required, and provide the game ball. In the finals, the 2nd place team is home.

7.  Everyone likes tournaments to run to time. All games will start on time. There will be a maximum 5 minutes grace - any team without 7 players 5 minutes after scheduled time will default (score = 3-0), and/or may face further penalty.

8.  All games will be: 

U10 - U12: Two 25 minute halves

U13 - U15: Two 30 minute halves

U16 - U18: Two 35 minute halves. 

Where U15/U16 is combined games will be two 35 minute halves.

All games maximum 5-minute half-time. There will usually be assistant referees for U16-U18 games. For all other games, each team provides a linesman to indicate only when the ball is out of play. These linesmen are NOT to signal offsides.

9.  Final games (only), which are tied after regular time will go straight to FIFA penalty shots.

10.  Report all scores (winning team, or both if you tie) to Hugh Boyd Hub

11.  U10- U12 play is non-competitive. No scores, standings. Tournament goodie awarded to all players.

12.  U13 and older teams play a competitive tournament. 1st and 2nd place teams receive medals. 

13.  For U13-U18 divisions where there are only 4 teams in a division, the fourth game will be playing for placings... for division where there are 5-teams, the two teams will the most points will be claimed as winners and runners up.  Divisions with 6 teams will play a fourth game for placings.

14.  Points are allotted as follows:

win = 3 points

tie = 1 point

loss = 0 points. 

If points are even, tie-breakers will be used in the following order (i.e., a. first, then b. if still tied, then c, then d):

a. Head-to-head results

b. Goal difference (goals for minus goals against)

c. Least total goals conceded

d. Coin toss

15. The Discipline Committee will review all discipline issues after each game. Red cards incur an automatic next game suspension, plus possible further penalty. Suspensions will be referred to a player's home District in case suspensions carry over to league play.

16. Any protests need to be submitted within 10 minutes of game end, in writing, to the information desk. The Tournament Committee decision is final.

17. If the players, coaches or supporters of any team are found to have abused (including verbally)any referee or official, that team risks instant disqualification, as does any team causing an abandoned game, or involved in gross misconduct.

18. The Tournament Committee can clarify or amend rules as appropriate.



Partner Hotels have not yet been confirmed for the 2020 Tournament.

Please check back here closer to the event dates for updated information.

Field Locations

Click here for city info on all Richmond fields

U9-U12 Festival Schedule

Details for the 2020 Event are not yet available and will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed. 

Below are the details from the 2019 event for reference.

The U9 to U12 Richmond Thanksgiving Festival will take place at Boyd Park on Boyd Yellow and Boyd White and fields at Minoru. All fields are artificial turf fields. 

VIEWING - only tournament staff, officials, players and coaches are permitted on the turf fields. Everyone else must view from outside the fence or by sitting in the bleachers.


1) Scores are not recorded, so need to report them!

2) All games are two (2) 25-minute halves and a 5-minute half time. Each team has 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday.

3) Teams should be the usual team with minimal call-ups. Call-ups can be from like or lower division. This is hard to police but  please be honest!

4) Referees are provided for all games. Please lead by example and respect the referees!

5) All players receive a take home participation gift.

The schedules for the festival can be found here  u10-12_festival_2.xlsx

U13-U18 Tournament Schedule

Details for the 2020 Event are not yet available and will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed. 

Below are the details from the 2019 event for reference.

ID Cards are REQUIRED.

Call-ups may only be of like or lower division.

No Metro or BCSPL players; although this is hard to police, be honest, you will automatically forfeit your game if you are using Metro or BCSPL players

All U13-U18 tournament fields are a combination of grass/turf fields. Please ensure your players have the proper foot wear for both playing surfaces.

The Girls Tournament Headquarters will be at Boyd Park under a set of red RGSA tents. Scores will be updated on the website at end of the day as well as being posted by the concession. 

Winning team should report score either in person or text to 604 230 4902


  will be posted 1 week minimum before the tournament.

CLICK HERE for field locations. Although the fields may say "closed", they will be open for our use over the weekend.